Thursday, 22 December 2011

British Transport Films: Cybernetica (1972, 1/2)

With Christmas on it's way, I haven't had a chance to write anything up, so for the last couple of days, it has just been videos and films. And today and tomorrow are no different.

Today's offering is part one of  a British Transport Film entitled "Cybernetica", made in 1972 on behalf of the Union Internationale de Chemins de Fer (which, so Google tells me, means International Union of Railways).

The story tells of three lovely girls (that's what the film says) travelling to Paris from different parts of Europe, and how new computer technology has changed their journeys from them olden times. It's the latest wonder of the new age, as everything was then. We tend to forget, with our latest computer, laptops, Ipads and phones, that computers are considered old hat, and nothing is new any more.

And remember that this film was made in 1972. Not only if the fashion suspect in the least, it is also extremely sexist, and at the same time, gay! But none the less, there is some great footage of European trains and stations, and not a TGV is sight (far to early for that).

Part two tomorrow - enjoy for now.

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