Thursday, 29 December 2011

Rush Hour (1970)

This is one of those classic "British Transport Films" from 1970, which depicts the morning rush hour, in and out of London Waterloo. Naturally the film is sped up to slow the whole of the rush house, otherwise we would be here for quite a while.

Now it's been 40 years since this film was made, and so what you see today, bears no relationship to what you saw then. The motive power no longer includes 4-Subs, 2-Bils, or 71's (just nod if this doesn't make sense), though you may still see the odd 73. These days it is all units, largely German (Siemens), though the colour schemes are better - no longer just blue and grey.

And as for the concourse at Waterloo - that has changed so much - more shops, automatic ticket gates, and an out of use euro terminal - and also that much brighter than before. In fact, so much has changed, I thought it would be easier to include an image or two below.

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